Greentechlife Smart Bin - set of two 20 lt bins

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Rs. 2,295
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It?s a smart kitchen dustbin that converts your food waste to awesome compost. Easy to use, neat and clean, offers odor free operation, and does not allow insects, flies or maggots. It works in 2 stages. In stage 1 food waste is thrown into these bins, just like you would in your regular kitchen?s dustbin. The difference is, we press the waste down with the bottom of a bowl to remove air gaps and sprinkle a teaspoon of Bio Bloom microbes (also available through us) and keep the lid closed at all times. Bio Bloom stops the waste from rotting and converts it to pickle (hence no smell). Each smartbin takes approximately 3 ? 4 weeks to fill for a family of 4. Once full, they are kept aside for a couple of weeks to finish the pickling. While this is happening the second bin is started (Hence it comes as a set of two). Liquids are drained about twice a week through the taps. In stage 2, that pickle is layered with dry compost you generated in previous batches through your smartbin. The first time of course, you?ll get it from a near by gardening store. This layering is done only once in a month or so and left in separate containers to cure for 3 ? 4 weeks. You won?t have to touch it after that. At the end of 3 ? 4 weeks your compost is ready! This kit is ideal for a family of 4. It includes: 2 Smartbin Minis (20 liters each, lasts 10-12 yrs) 2 Lids 2 Strainers 2 Taps Tap fittings 2 packs of Bio Bloom worth Rs 244/- (will last a nuclear family 2 ? 3 months) 1 Manual 1 Smartpress ? 20 L Lifetime online support via facebook